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Amazing…simply amazing! Awarded “Best of Show” at MacWorld 2009, the Livescribe Pulse SmartPen records “everything you write and hear so you never miss a word.” For $149 for the pen comes with 1 GB of memory (approx. 100 hours of record time), UPDATE! The Pulse SmartPen now comes with 2 GB of memory and sells for $129. Livescribe recently released the "Echo" SmartPen, which comes with a minimum of 4 GB of memory for $169.95 (approx. 400 hours of record time.) It is slimmer and, like the Pulse, has  an infrared camera to record what you write, a microphone to record lectures (or whatever!), a speaker to listen to what you’ve recorded (or use the audio jack for a headset-included), a USB cable (dock/charging station for Pulse Pen) so it can connect and download  your notes to Mac or PC and, oh yes, ink cartridges (replacement 5 paks are $5.95). Replacement "dot paper" can be ordered and prices start at $7.95 for a 3 subject notebook (150 pages) and go up to $19.95 for 4 single subject notebooks (100 pages each.)


Although it does require the special dot paper to work, there are instructions on the website about how to print your own on regular printer paper.  Once you transfer your notes to your computer with the included USB cable, you’ll be able to search your notes and/or playback what you’ve written/recorded. (A lifesaver for me...I'm always losing paper!) Using the Livescribe Desktop software, you can export a recording as audio only, notes only, or both audio and notes. The audio exports as an AAC file (playback with QuickTime) or use a converter to change it to mp3 format. The written notes export as PDF files. There is also a third party option (MyScriptNotes-see below) to allow you to transfer written notes to text and export to a Word doc, print or email them.


The new Pulse/Echo SmartPen by LiveScribe shows great promise as a tool for easily creating and sharing mathcasts (etc)

without the need to be tethered to a computer while recording the writing and audio. Check out the Math247 wiki to see what one teacher, Tim Fahlberg, is doing with what he calls "MathCasts."


Smartpen Applications and Development Tools

Livescribe smartpens now have lots of very promising applications available!

Livescribe has developed an open paper-based computing platform, enabling developers to create applications for the Pulse smartpen. The possibilities for applications are endless – with tools and games that enhance personal productivity, learning, communications, and entertainment.


Livescribe is developing a full Java-based development environment for professional developers to write their own smartpen application code using the Livescribe APIs, which will be available in Q2 2009. The SDK includes an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) with custom plug-ins, a suite of APIs, sample code and documentation. Learn more about the Livescribe Developer Community.


One that shows great benefit is called "MyScriptNotes" handwriting recognition software. A free 30 day trial of this product is available. Tim Fahlberg, Wisconsin's Livescribe rep, has a 5 minute YouTube video of this app.


Tim Fahlberg describes another app for the Livescribe smartpen called SmartMap,  in his Livescribe ed community blogpost about creating an interactive zoo map. The entry includes a link to a YouTube video demo'ing the app.


I highly recommend that you check out Tim's YouTube channel where he has lots of Jing videos he and others have recorded demonstrating the power of the Livescribe smartpen. Thanks, Tim! 


Some Other Useful Links:

Creating "Mathcasts" Using the LiveScribe SmartPen (directions handout) on Kathy Post's Making Math Meaningful wiki


Advantages of Pencasts vs Traditional Mathcasts - By Graeme MacNeil. Also, see his wiki for many more uses of the Livescribe pen. 


How to create and share a pencast


K-7 Mathcasts 500 Project


 Goal: Create a library of 500+ mathcasts for K-7 math using many student & educator voices.


An alternative to create a math/pencast using Sketchcast (web2.0) and a SMART board.


Braille and LiveScribe Pens (Braille periodic table)


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