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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

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Please bookmark and check back from time to time...this is a living document that will grow! 


District Presentations: 

*Kiel School District Presentation (PDF)


*St. Mary's Springs Academy Presentation (PDF)


*Luxemburg/Casco Presentation (PDF)

BYOD LuxCasco Presentation.pdf

-Kid President's "Pep Talk" video (shared by Dr. Pat Saunders during Luxemburg/Casco School District presentation, 8/29/2012)


Roxann Nys's shared BYOD Evernote Notebook:



NetDay Speakup Survey (Tomorrow.org) 2012 Summary of results:



How to sign up for reminders about CESA 7 ETS workshops and training offerings  

Remind 101 CESA 7 text info.tiff


Remind 101 email info.tiff




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