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Flipping Your Classroom

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Flipped Classroom

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media



A testimonial from a teacher (Katie Gimbar) after 18 months of flipping her classroom. Katie advocates for creating your own videos rather than using those created by others:


Resources for you as you begin flipping your classroom


  • http://FlippedLearning.org  (Organized by Aaron Sams and Jon Bergman-considered pioneers of the Flipped Classroom) The mission of the Flipped Learning Network™ is to provide educators with the knowledge, skills, and resources 

to successfully implement Flipped Learning. More information about the Flipped Learning Network™


  • Connect with over 17,000 Flipped Educators on the Ning--growing at a rate of a thousand new teachers a month. Set up your profile, join and participate in the groups and forums that you need to succeed as a flipped educator. The FLN sends occasional newsletters and announcements via the Ning.  Join the FLN's Online Community of Practice 






NOTE: Here's a FREE, five-session courseThe five sessions are based on the successful work of a flipped high school, Clintondale High School in Michigan with Principal Greg Green. You will work through an easy and informative sequence at your own pace, building on what you already know about good teaching and learning and ending with your creation of a flipped lesson.



Recording Options for Flipped Classroom Video (and a few tips, too!)


Tony Vincent's created a comic using StripDesigner that will remind you that you need to use horizontal (or landscape) orientation when videotaping. Great visual demonstration!



  • One way to record your flipped classroom lecture using basic tools you probably already have in your school. This video was created by Dr. Lodge McCammon, project director of the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. Related videos can be found on his YouTube channel "Flipped Teacher Training" 



 NOTE: The FIZZ project was developed at the Friday Institute at NC State University from 2010-2013. The project has come to an end at the Friday Institute, and their site went offline on February 1, 2014. If you have questions about FIZZ training, please contact Dr. Lodge McCammon directly at  http://lodgemccammon.com/  Link to overview of course content.


  • Katie Gimbar, a graduate of Dr. McCammon's course, talks about her method of taping and why she uses it. Look for other videos by Katie

to learn more about how she's flipped her classes. 

You can purchase dry erase boards like those used by Dr. Lodge and Katie at http://www.dryerase.com/blank  among other places. Shop around for your best price! 


  •  Humorous energetic teacher, Keith Hughes, creator of Hip Hughes History channel on YouTube gives some tips/tricks for creating engaging videos. A good part of this 24 minute video called "I Flip, You Flip, We All Flip: Setting Up a Flipped Classroomis a brief introduction to using iMovie (Mac only) for editing.  


  • You can record from your SMARTBoard (either on your computer or from the board itself. Here are some video tutorials to help:

How to record from your desktop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSEDZ1e_PJs

How to record from your SMARTBoard:

How to upload your SMARTBoard recording to Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzZcxoS_s_s  (10 minute limit! NOTE: at the end of the video, the teacher mentions posting to his EChalk page--this is the student management system his district uses. It's as simple as sharing the link, OR you can actually embed your video into your classroom website if you choose. 


  • Editing your video can be done easily on a Mac (or iPad) using iMovie. On a PC, your best choice for editing is Windows Movie Maker. 


  • Use very sophisticated recording software like Camtasia from TechSmith or more basic Jing also from TechSmith (great for recording directly from your computer) if you want to challenge yourself. Both have free trial versions available.




Whiteboard apps on tablets and the web

(From Richard Byrnes' blog Freetech4Teachers.com)

Whiteboard apps on tablets and in your web browser can be great for diagraming and explaining concepts. Here are seven good options for creating diagrams and other drawings on your iPad, on your Android tablet, or in your web browser.

Aww App is a super simple (very limited) browser-based application for creating drawings. To get started just go toAwwApp.com and click on "start drawing."  To invite people to collaborate on your drawing just send them the link assigned to your drawing board and they can join in the drawing fun. If you would like to use Aww App on your classroom or school website and you have familiarity with editing the code of your site, you can install Aww App for free.



Draw It Live is a nice little website that offers a free space for you to instantly create a collaborative whiteboard to use with anyone you like. To use Draw It Live just go to the site, click the "collaborative whiteboard" link, enter any nickname you want, then start drawing. You can invite people to draw with you by sending them the url assigned to your whiteboard. Draw It Live provides a chat box that you can use to talk to your collaborators about what each of you is doing on the screen.

FlockDraw is a simple service that allows people to quickly and easily collaborate on the creation of a drawing. To useFlockDraw simply visit the site, click the "start drawing" button, and start drawing. To invite other people to draw with you, just send them the url assigned to your drawing board. What's really neat is that anyone who visits the url after the drawing has started will see all of the drawing motions they missed unfold in front of them. You can embed your FlockDraw drawings into a website.

SyncSpace is a whiteboard app available for iPads ($9.99) and Android tablets (free!) You can get the SyncSpace app for iPad here and the Android app hereSyncSpace can be used to create drawings and documents on your tablet. You can create using free-hand drawing tools, using typing tools, or a combination of the two tool sets. Your drawings and documents can be sent to and synced with other users so that they can comment and edit your drawings and documents.



Educreations is a free app that turns your iPad or Android device into a whiteboard. You can use the app to illustrate concepts and narrate what you're doing on the screen. You can draw images from scratch on the Educreations iPad app or you can upload images and draw on them. Your completed lesson can be shared directly to others or made public on the Educreations website. 



Knowmia is a website and an iPad app for creating, sharing, and viewing video lessons. The website portion of Knowmia is a collection of videos made by teachers for students. There are roughly 7,000 videos in the Knowmia collection right now. Many of the videos are pulled from YouTube while others are hosted on Knowmia. The videos are arranged by subject and topic. Registered teachers can upload and tag their own videos. The Knowmia iPad app is an app for creating your own whiteboard videos. You can draw free-hand on the whiteboard screen or insert pre-made shapes. You can also use pictures and video clips in your video lesson.


Twiddla (http://www.twiddla.com): Inviting others to collaborate on Twiddla was quick and easy – just hit the green GO button to start a session and use the Invite option (towards the upper right hand corner of the screen). This app provides a great set of tools. You can easily add an image, web page, or document as a background to markup. There is a color palette tool, pen width tool, a shapes tool, and text can be inserted. There is even a “browse” option so that links in your background image can be clicked on, which was pretty unique. Not only is there a chat option built in, but there’s even free audio conferencing capability! Twiddla is very impressive and belongs at the top of the list of apps to consider if you need a tool like this.


Vyew.com (http://vyew.com): If you click on the TAKE A TEST DRIVE button, a whiteboard session will open where you can invite others, make notations, etc. I set my screen name and used the INVITE function (in the upper left hand corner of the screen),which allows you to set time limits on how long someone can collaborate with you, and choose between 4 roles for them – Viewer, Reviewer, Collaborator, or Moderator. You have to provide a name and email address of your own in order to be able to invite others to collaborate. It took a little while for the session to start on the computer where I opened the invite, but then it worked fine. You can create multiple boards within a session, and there is a great set of tools for varying colors, widths, and styles of ‘pencil’, adding shapes or text, editing what you’ve drawn, and more. This is a powerful tool and one worth considering if you’re in need of an interactive, collaborative white board tool.

ShowMe is a free iPad app for creating whiteboard videos. You can draw and talk at the same time while being recorded. Your videos can be shared and uploaded to YouTube through the app. There is a public gallery of lessons that you can browse and contribute to. Click here to download the app from iTunes.


You might also like:


Sketchlot - A Collaborative Whiteboard for All Devices (web-based) Teachers create an account and get a unique class code to share with students. You can embed "sketches" (drawings, text, diagrams, etc) on your website, share them on Pinterest or twitter.

Subtext - A Great App for Book Discussions (or other discussions) "Using Subtext you can read ebooks, annotate ebooks, create quizzes about ebooks, and write blog posts about the ebooks you read. You can create private and public book discussion groups and build bookshelves for your groups."

Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design, screencasting, and interactive whiteboard tool that lets you annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere.
Create slides, draw in any color, add shapes, add text, and use a laser pointer. Rotate, move, scale, copy, paste, clone, and lock any object added to the stage.
 Add new or existing photos and videos. Import PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS, Keynote(*), Pages(*), Numbers(*), and RTF files from Evernote, Dropbox, Box, GDrive, WebDAV, Email, iTunes, and any app that allows you to open these files types using "Open In…". Export MP4 movies, PDF documents, PNG images, or XPL project files directly from your iPad. No account is necessary to use Explain Everything and share creations.



Check Out Great Content Curators (Sure to make your brain grow twice its size!)


https://www.khanacademy.org Sal Khan's website--1000's of videos. Sign up as a coach and you'll be able to track your students' viewing habits.


http://www.youtube.com/edu  DON'T search all of YouTube! Their education curators have done it for you. TIP: When checking out YouTube channels, check be sure to take a look at the "Related Channels On You Tube" feature on the right side for other possible great content curators.


PBS Idea Channel  A PBS show that examines the connections between pop culture, technology and art. Mike Rugnetta posts new videos every Wednesday.


National Geographic Kids  Kids' games, videos, stories, photos, quizzes and more!


Biography.com  and Biography.com/Classroom  Bios about anybody who's anyone! BIO Classroom provides free educational materials designed to encourage the use of biography in the classroom and to help students explore the lives of those who have shaped our world. They feature a "Bio of the Month" lesson plan and special teacher's guides based on on-air and online BIO programs.

Related to Biography-Famous Explorers


iTunes U  Available via iTunes on Macs or PC's. Also available as an app for iPads/iPhones/iPods  The Android app for accessing iTunes U is called Tunespace (currently free as of this posting)


Mathtrain - Free math videos created by students (and some by teachers, too!)  About Mathtrain: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8OAfHg0CP4 


HistoryTeachers  History set to music videos using many recently popular tunes. A fun and memorable way to learn your history.


http://www.knowmia.com 24,000 FREE video presentations and interactive assignments students. 


http://www.curious.com Searchable site with videos about nearly everything! Although there are many free choices, many cost "coins" which you can purchase for real money. (1 curious coin = $1 Discounts for larger purchases) I recommend you consider using this site for ideas for your own videos-you can preview any video. This is also a site where you can sign up to create and sell (if you choose) your own videos. Any profits earned are split 70/30. (70% for you)


Amor Sciendi "We use art work to teach interesting things." Expect a new video every other Monday. Amor Sciendi produces interdisciplinary art history videos

ASAP Science Your weekly dose of fun and interesting science.Created by: Mitchell Moffit (@mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (@whalewatchmeplz)

Bozeman Biology  Paul Andersen teaches science at Bozeman High School in Bozeman, MT. He is the 2011 Montana Teacher of the Year.

Kumeshi Chan Loretta teaches Kanji with great tips and tricks sprinkled with Japanese culture

Bite-Scized Science Lexie offers short (usually not more than 3-5 minutes) humorous explanations of many science "mysteries."

Math Apptician One of ten YouTube Next EDU Gurus and winner of the Khan Academy Prize, the MathApptician channel explores some of the exciting math behind apps that we love. Knowing math is essential to writing many great apps.

Myles Power Very interesting, wacky science videos, but WATCH FOR INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE sprinkled into many of them!


The Gentleman Physicist 20 videos with some very cool science demos. The creator's goal is to make "normally inaccessible physics accessible for anyone who's interested. "

ProfsPop  Dad and Son (Ed and Alan) take you on  humorous cultural journeys around the globe. 

Spanish is your Amigo Lively, energetic Kristen Joy Williams offers a lesson a day in Spanish. "Everything you need and nothing you don't!"


http://www.backpack.tv  NOTE: You must use Chrome as your browser and allow it to use your computer/tablet's microphone. Interesting concept, but voice recognition is not very good (at least not for me!) Fun for a diversion and possible review. Does track scores and right/wrong answers. 


Brightstorm for Schools Paid service with one month free access for educators. (Rates are as low as $2/student per month.) The site offers:

  • Expert Teachers with years of experience and engaging personalities.
  • Over 3,000 HD quality videos in Math, Science, English, SAT, ACT and APs.
  • Most textbook concepts explained with clear visual examples in 3-5 minute videos 


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