• If you are citizen of an European Union member nation, you may not use this service unless you are at least 16 years old.

  • Finally, you can manage your Google Docs, uploads, and email attachments (plus Dropbox and Slack files) in one convenient place. Claim a free account, and in less than 2 minutes, Dokkio (from the makers of PBworks) can automatically organize your content for you.


Google Apps for Education

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NOTE: This page is and will continue to be a work in progress--there are SO many ways to use Google's tools in your school. Subscribe to this wiki's RSS Feed using Google Reader to stay informed about new information being added.



Here's a link to Google's Top 10 Reasons for Using Google Apps


Also included is Google SketchUp, a 3D/2D modeling tool. It is a separate app which must be downloaded to use it. Google has a comprehensive list of written and video tutorials to help you learn to use SketchUp.


The WI Dept. of Public Instruction has entered into an agreement with Google on behalf of all of Wisconsin public schools. This agreement means that school districts do not need to individually negotiate with Google. The WI site includes a complete guide to deploying Google Apps.


The Wisconsin CESAs are your first point of contact for help with Google Apps. Together, the CESAs have created the Wisconsin Google Site which contains many great resources and quick answers to questions that may arise. Your contacts at CESA 7 are:

Technical/Deployment: Bill Moede, bmoede@cesa7.k12.wi.us

General use questions: Roxann Nys, rnys@cesa7.k12.wi.us OR Chris Rogers, crogers@cesa7.k12.wi.us, OR Theresa Neuser, tneuser@cesa7.k12.wi.us


Here's a list of the system requirements for use with Google Docs.


IE (Internet Explorer) issues reported

4/27/11 From a Google help forum post: "It has been a known IE9 problem that the upload window doesn't appear. Supposedly GDocs is now starting to support IE9, so it is surprising that this well-known problem still exists." Bas Braams


UPDATE 3/5/2012: Issues continue with the IE browser. I strongly recommend that you choose either Google's Chrome, Mozilla's Firefox, or Apple's Safari browsers for working with Google's tools. If you would like to upload entire folders, install the Chrome browser (recommended) or the Folder Upload applet.


Google Docs Features and Limitations

Compatible with any of these file formats:

  • Comma Separated Value files (.csv)
  • Hypertext markup language (HTML) files
  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files (.doc, .ppt or .pps, and .xls, respectively)
  • OpenDocument Text and Spreadsheet formats (.odt and .ods, respectively)
  • Rich text format (.rtf)
  • StarOffice documents (.sxw)
  • Text files (.txt)


Size Limitations: (Total upload storage is 1GB)

  • Documents – 512,000 characters, regardless of the number of pages or font size. Uploaded document files that are converted to Google documents format can’t be larger than 1MB.
  • Spreadsheets – Uploaded spreadsheet files that are converted to Google spreadsheets format can’t be larger than 20MB, and need to be under 400,000 cells and 256 columns per sheet.
  • Presentations – Presentations created in Google Docs can be up to 10MB — which is about 200 slides.
  • Drawings – There is no document size limitation posted.
  • Gmail - 7GB storage
  • Files you upload but do not convert to Google Doc format can be up to 1GB in size.


Google Help is Abundant and Well Done

Google help files


Google has a channel on YouTube for all videos about and related to using Google Docs


 Google has a channel on YouTube "for all videos about and related to Google Apps, Google's suite of communication and collaboration products for businesses, non-profit organizations, and schools." 


Attend one of Google's weekly Professional Development webinar series.


Users share lots of tips and tricks. Here's one workaround for a balance sheet problem (all columns/rows in a stacked diagram must have the same legend/colors) that was reported while working in Google Docs.


Wisconsin news and events: https://sites.google.com/site/wiscgapps/home 


Google training and certification modules: http://edutraining.googleapps.com/ 



Using Google Apps for Primary and Secondary Education

(A general collection of ideas shared by a variety of folks in and/or related to education)


10 Google Forms you can use in your classroom, shared by Nottingham, England teacher and techie, Tom Barrett

Also from Tom: Take a look here for a more detailed introduction and guide to using and creating a Google form. This was written prior to Google bringing forms into the main menu, so some of the directions are outdated. However, the blog post contains many great ideas as to how to use forms in the classroom.


On Google's website, see how leading schools and districts use Google Apps to foster collaboration and improve learning.


A Google Site called "Gone Google" contains listings of lesson ideas that incorporate Google tools.  Lesson ideas for Art, LA, Science, SS and Multi-discipline.


Charlie Cowan, in his "Charlie Thinks" blog, shares a guest post by Zoe Ross, founder of DoDigital and Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer,  where he discusses how Google Apps is being used in schools and colleges throughout the UK. He shares about

  • Increasing collaboration and communication amongst students.
  • Encouraging Parental Engagement
  • Increase Teacher Productivity


Julia Stiglitz, Google Apps for Education Team, (@juliastiglitz) shares her presentation "32 Ways to Use Google Apps in 50 Minutes."


Wisconsin CESAs' Google Sites includes a link to some lesson plans (Lang. Arts and Social Studies) using Google AppsFor more Google Apps educational resources, including video tutorials, discussion forum, community map, and news, visit the Google Apps Education Community site


Google Forms


Google Calendar


Google Sites


Google Earth 




Google SketchUp



3rd Party Apps to Explore



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